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Who We Are


We’re Melissa, Lauren, and Amanda, the three babes behind Oh My Word Luxury Paperie.

We like pretty things and appreciate clean design. We like things that function well and make your life a little less hectic. We love the art of handwritten encouragement and enjoy bringing it to you with letterpressed cards, fine writing instruments, and warm sentiments that you can send right from the little seating area in our store on South Phillips Avenue in the heart of Sioux Falls’ thriving downtown.  We enjoy watching how color makes people come alive and how a handwritten word can make someone’s day. We love stories, and we invite you to be a part of ours. 

Melissa’s a mix of: Words and Cupcakes. She started Oh My Cupcakes! in 2009 with her two daughters, $67 and a big dream. Now she’s enjoying the journey with Oh My Word. She’s a writer and is committed to seeing people send cards and letters instead of texts and tweets. (Make no mistake, the girl’s as addicted to her phone as the rest of us, she just wants us all to look up once in a while and enjoy this big old world in front of us.) Melissa’s grandfather owned and ran Baker Letter and Print and her mother worked in the print shop when Melissa was a young child. Melissa fondly remembers playing among the shreds of paper that had fallen to the floor like strips of patterned confetti, and the distinct smell of darkroom solvents that would permeate her nose as images came to life in 4 x 4 squares before her eyes. 

Lauren loves: her husband Jeremy, her kiddos Lia and Ashton, and designing things that make people gasp with surprise and delight. Lauren has been the creative force behind Oh My Cupcakes! branding and loves putting her caring trademark on Oh My Word. As a child she remembers visits to her grandmother’s house as time for paper crafting. Whether it was paper snowflakes, stamping, or making cards, Lauren remembers getting into paper at Grandma’s. Lauren’s love for design spans from fine stationery to photography and hand lettering. She says there’s just nothing quite like seeing the look on a client’s face when she knows they adore what she’s designed for them. A little tidbit you may not know? Lauren used to have an Etsy store where she sold her own handmade letterpress cards. Someone from the Harpo studios ordered one of her cards. Now, we’re not saying someone gave one of Lauren’s cards to Oprah . . . but in her mind; that totally happened.

Amanda’s about: seeing things function efficiently, and seeing processes put in place that make life . . . easy. She’s about working smarter, not harder, and creating moments of magic for people. Amanda believes in creating a great guest experience for those who enter her space. When Amanda was a child, her grandmother worked to package final paper products after they were printed. Amanda still remembers the smell of the shrink wrap as her grandmother carefully stacked and gathered the cards into bundles. Excellence. Precision. Care. Those are the impressions Amanda had when it came to working with paper. Amanda is excited to see new faces and new guests at Oh My Word downtown and to have an opportunity to be part of people’s special moments.

One day over product catalogs and reminiscing and lots of coffee, it struck each of us how clearly our grandparents had influenced us on our paper journey. That’s a legacy. Paper was an important part of our grandparent’s stories and an important part of their time; letters and cards are how they fell in love. It’s how news of births and deaths travelled. Our grandparent’s legacy is as much about the bend in their cursive hand lettering as it is about the memories they left with each of us. Those are gifts. Those are the legacies we are seeking to resurrect and to cultivate and to see live on for generations at Oh My Word Luxury Paperie. We hope you’ll join us in creating and curating new legacies.